VirtualBox VM

These instructions are only applicable to macOS and Windows.

Set Docksal’s Virtualbox VM memory (RAM)

fin vm ram - will show the current memory size

For hosts with limited RAM (less than 8GB) it may be necessary to limit the VM memory to 1GB:

fin vm ram 1024 - will set the VM memory to 1024MB

1GB of RAM provides enough memory to run 2 basic LAMP stacks at the same time.

When working with multiple projects, it is best to limit the number of active projects to 1 or 2. Trying to launch more than 2 at the same time may result in unpredictable issues.

Use fin stop --all to stop all projects, then fin project start to restart the one you plan to work with.

Increasing Docksal’s Virtualbox VM disk size (HDD)

With losing current containers and their data

Involves removing current VM. Your files will not be deleted, but databases will need to be re-imported, containers’ images will be re-downloaded.

  1. fin vm remove
  2. VBOX_HDD=80000 fin vm start

VBOX_HDD is disk size in Megabytes. Default is 50000.

Without losing current containers and data

There is no good way to automate this.

Follow this instruction to perform it manually.