Drush is a command line shell and Unix scripting interface for Drupal.

Please refer to the official Drush docs for usage details.


With the move to composer base workflow, the recommended way of setting up Drush is via a project level composer dependency. If your Drupal 8 project does not yet have Drush as a dependency, run composer require drush/drush to add it.

Drush Launcher is also installed globally in the cli container. It will automatically pickup project level drush version and pass execution to it.

For legacy setups and older Drupal versions, cli also ships with a globally installed Drush 8. The launcher is configured to use it as a fallback when no project level drush is available.


From the host via fin:

fin drush --version

From with the cli container (fin bash) drush can be called directly:

drush --version

Unless globally accessible site aliases are used, Drush must be run inside the Drupal document root to be able to detect the Drupal instance and read the DB connection settings.

Drush site aliases

Drush 8

There are several places where Drush looks for the alias files.

The following locations will work in Docksal:


Where $DOCROOT is the project’s docroot folder.

The recommended location is $DOCROOT/../drush/aliases which usually equals to $PROJECT_ROOT/drush/aliases.

To check the list of available site aliases run fin drush sa. Project specific site aliases are only visible when running drush within the project’s docroot folder.
Use them directly using fin drush @alias command or inside fin bash.

For more information on drush site aliases see example.aliases.drushrc.php.

Drush 9

Drush 9 uses yml files to store configuration.
See example.site.yml for more information.

You can use the following locations to store site aliases with Drush 9:

The following locations will work in Docksal:


Where $DOCROOT is the project’s docroot folder.

These locations are no longer searched recursively in Drush 9; alias files must appear directly inside one of the search locations, or it will not be found.