Sending/capturing email is available via MailHog.

Out-of-the box only capturing works. For email delivery, you have to point MailHog to a working mail server/service.


Add the mail service under the services section in .docksal/docksal.yml:

  # MailHog
      file: ${HOME}/.docksal/stacks/services.yml
      service: mail

Apply new configuration with fin project start (fin p start).

Use http://mail.<VIRTUAL_HOST> to access the MailHog web UI.

PHP configuration

The extra PHP configuration below is only applicable to docksal/cli images prior to v2.0.0

In .docksal/etc/php/php.ini in the project repo add the following:

; Mail settings
sendmail_path = '/usr/local/bin/mhsendmail --smtp-addr=mail:1025'

These settings are included in docksal/cli v2.0+, so there is no need to manually add them.