SASS and Compass

Cli container already contains ruby, bundler.

Create Gemfile in theme folder


source ""
gem 'sass', '~>3.4.0'
gem 'compass'
gem 'bootstrap-sass', '~>3.2.0'

Install tools

Every developer runs bundle install to pull necessary gem dependencies

This command should be run in the folder with Gemfile:

fin exec bundle install

Two folders (.bundle, .bundler) and a file (Gemfile.lock) will be created. Please add these directories (.bundle/.bundler) to your .gitignore file.

Compile SASS

Run in the theme folder:

fin exec bundle exec compass compile

This is important not run compass compile directly, but run it via bundle exec so that proper gem versions were used (defined in the Gemfile).

Compass watcher

You can run watcher to keep your CSS files up to date as changes are made:

fin exec bundle exec compass watch --poll