Terminus is Pantheon’s command line tool. It enables you to do almost everything in a terminal that you can do in the Dashboard, and much more.

Terminus is pre-installed in the cli container. Note: required docksal/cli version: 2.1.0+.


Follow the official docs to generate your machine token.

Add the token to $HOME/docksal/docksal.env:


Refresh cli service configuration with fin project start. This will inject the token into cli and authenticate the container with Pantheon.

Use fin terminus <command> from the host or terminus <command> inside cli.

Please refer to the official docs for usage details.

Note: It is also possible to add/override these values via .docksal/docksal.env and .docksal/docksal-local.env at the project level. Keep in mind, .docksal/docksal.env is a shared configuration file and should be committed to git. .docksal/docksal-local.env, on the other hand, can be used for local overrides and should be excluded from git. As such, it is best to use .docksal/docksal-local.env for any personal keys and tokens configured at the project level.